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... 2015 PEACE OFFICER LINE OF DUTY DEATH ROLL CALL: David Colley 4/4/15 AL Montgomery Police Department Charles Mitchum 1/26/15 AL Loxley Police Department Roger Odell 1/28/15 AL Town Creek Police Department Richard Woods 3/17/15 AL Pell City Police Department Sonny Smith 5/15/15 AR Johnson County Sheriff's Office Carlos Francies 8/13/15 CA Contra Costa County Sheriff's Office Ricardo Galvez 11/18/15 CA Downey Police Department Bryce Hanes 11/5/15 CA San Bernardino Police Department John Herring, Jr. * 7/7/14 CA Fresno Police Department Michael Johnson 3/24/15 CA San Jose Police Department Scott Lunger 7/22/15 CA Hayward Police Department David Nelson 6/26/15 CA Bakersfield Police Department Jaimie Jursevics 11/15/15 CO Colorado State Patrol Sean Renfro 1/3/15 CO Jefferson County Sheriff's Office Garrett Swasey 11/27/15 CO University of Colorado at Colorado Springs Police Department Taylor Thyfault 5/23/15 CO Colorado State Patrol Warren Watts 6/16/12 CO Pueblo County Sheriff's Office Andrew Faggio * 1/11/12 CT New Haven Police Department Carolyn Cross* 9/7/14 DC District of Columbia Department of Corrections Jared Forsyth 4/6/15 FL Ocala Police Department William Myers 9/22/15 FL Okaloosa County Sheriff's Office Terence Green 3/4/15 GA Fulton County Police Department Richard Hall 9/16/15 GA Chatham County Sheriff's Office James McCrystal 7/14/15 GA Georgia Department of Corrections Gregory Mitchell 7/7/15 GA Georgia Department of Corrections Ladson O'Connor 6/16/15 GA Montgomery County Sheriff's Office William Solomon 11/19/15 GA Georgia Ports Authority Police Department Kevin Toatley 9/19/15 GA DeKalb County Police Department Darryl Wallace 3/15/15 GA Clayton County Police Department Neville Colburn 2/23/15 HI Honolulu Police Department Gregory Moore 5/5/15 ID Coeur d'Alene Police Department Dwight Maness 9/14/15 IL McHenry County Sheriff's Office Craig Whisenand 8/10/16 IL Tazewell County Sheriff's Office Kent Newport* 10/27/14 KS Kansas Highway Patrol Eric Chrisman 6/23/15 KY Kentucky State Police Daniel Ellis 11/6/15 KY Richmond Police Department Joseph Ponder 9/13/15 KY Kentucky State Police Burke Rhoads 3/11/15 KY Nicholasville Police Department Clifford Travis 3/5/15 KY Bullitt County Detention Center Anson Tribby * 1/22/13 KY Kentucky State Police James Bennett, Jr. 5/24/15 LA Housing Authority of New Orleans Police Department Vernell Brown, Jr. 7/17/15 LA New Orleans Police Department Rodney Condall 1/28/15 LA Orleans Parish Sheriff's Office Juandre Gilliam, Sr. 4/8/15 LA Jeanerette Police Department Daryle Holloway 6/20/15 LA New Orleans Police Department Thomas LaValley 8/5/15 LA Shreveport Police Department Henry Nelson 8/26/15 LA Sunset Police Department Steven Vincent 8/24/15 LA Louisiana State Police Craig Chandler 1/9/15 MD Baltimore City Police Department Noah Leotta 12/10/15 MD Montgomery County Police Department Brennan Rabain 3/7/15 MD Prince George's County Police Department Joseph Abdella 8/14/15 MI Detroit Police Department Arthur Green III 8/9/15 MI Michigan Department of Natural Resources Chad Wolf 8/28/15 MI Michigan State Police Steven Sandberg 10/18/15 MN Aitkin County Sheriff's Office Benjamin Deen 5/9/15 MS Hattiesburg Police Department Johnny Gatson 3/10/15 MS Warren County Sheriff's Office John Gorman 1/21/15 MS Mississippi Gaming Commission Iris Smith 5/25/15 MS Mississippi Department of Corrections Liquori Tate 5/9/15 MS Hattiesburg Police Department James Bava 8/28/15 MO Missouri State Highway Patrol Steven Hawkins 9/13/15 MO Harrison County Sheriff's Office Peggy Vassallo 8/24/15 MO Bellefontaine Neighbors Police Department Kerrie Orozco 5/20/15 NE Omaha Police Department Carl Howell 8/15/15 NV Carson City Sheriff's Office Eli McCarson 12/17/15 NJ New Jersey State Police Anthony Raspa 5/30/15 NJ New Jersey State Police John Stevens 1/21/15 NJ Ocean County Prosecutor's Office Scott Thompson 4/10/15 NJ Manchester Township Police Department Gregg Benner 5/25/15 NM New Rio Rancho Police Department Daniel Webster 10/29/15 NM Albuquerque Police Department Diane Digiacomo 11/20/15 NY American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Humane Law Enforcement Donald Fredenburg, Jr. 3/13/15 NY New York State Police Randolph Holder 10/20/15 NY New York City Police Department John McKee 9/12/15 NY City University of New York Department of Public Safety Roy McLaughlin 9/10/15 NY Yonkers Police Department Eric Meier 9/17/15 NY Crawford Police Department Tommy Merriweather * 1/21/13 NY New York City Police Department Brian Moore 5/4/15 NY New York City Police Department Thomas Moran* 7/22/12 NY New York State Police Edward Thompson* 3/9/08 NY New York City Police Department Robert Bowling 5/21/15 NC North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles License and Theft Bureau Keith Smith* 12/1/12 NC North Carolina Department of Public Safety - Division of Adult Correction Michael Brandle 5/21/15 OH Jefferson County Sheriff's Office Sonny Kim 6/19/15 OH Cincinnati Police Department Nathan Van Oort, Sr. 11/7/15 OH Ohio University Police Department Nicholas Dees 1/31/15 OK Oklahoma Highway Patrol Gil Datan 4/20/15 OR Coos County Sheriff's Office Eric Eslary 5/5/15 PA Ligonier Township Police Department Paul Koropal 5/5/15 PA Allegheny County District Attorney's Office - Investigative Division Scott Moyer 9/23/09 PA Lehigh County Sheriff's Office - Warrant Division Lloyd Reed, Jr. 11/28/15 PA St. Clair Township Police Department John Wilding 7/12/15 PA Scranton Police Department Robert Wilson III 3/5/15 PA Philadelphia Police Department Gregory Alia 9/30/15 SC Forest Acres Police Department Stacy Case 11/7/15 SC Columbia Police Department Sean Bolton 8/1/15 TN Memphis Police Department Eddie Hamer * 1/27/14 TN Hardeman County Sheriff's Office Michael Starrett 1/30/15 TN Jacksboro Police Department Rosemary Vela 9/28/15 TN Madison County Sheriff's Office James Wallen, Jr. 10/25/15 TN Hamilton County Parks and Recreation Department Darrell Allen 11/10/15 TX Marlin Police Department Adrian Arellano 3/18/15 TX El Paso Police Department Christopher Davis 1/14/15 TX Texas Department of Criminal Justice Timothy Davison 7/15/15 TX Texas Department of Criminal Justice Eligio Garcia, Jr. 1/14/15 TX Texas Department of Criminal Justice Darren Goforth 8/28/15 TX Harris County Sheriff's Office Tronoski Jones 8/20/15 TX Harris County Sheriff's Office William Keesee 10/29/15 TX Texas Department of Public Safety - Texas Highway Patrol Korby Kennedy 6/25/15 TX San Angelo Police Department Richard Martin 5/18/15 TX Houston Police Department Jeffrey Radford 10/28/15 TX Bell County Constable's Office - Precinct 3 Christopher Kelley 6/24/15 TX Hutto Police Department Kyle Young 9/17/15 VT Vermont State Police Nathan-Michael Smith 9/21/15 VA Virginia State Police W Kevin Snow* 12/19/12 VA Bristol Police Department Brent Hanger 8/6/15 WA Washington State Patrol Rick Silva 6/18/15 WA Chehalis Police Department Trevor Casper 3/24/15 WI Wisconsin State Patrol Ryan Copeland 11/23/15 WI McFarland Police Department Louis Bonacasa 12/21/15 Federal United States Air Force Office of Special Investigations Michael Cinco 12/21/15 Federal United States Air Force Office of Special Investigations Joseph Lemm 12/21/15 Federal United States Air Force Office of Special Investigations Anthony Lossiah 10/6/15 Federal Cherokee Indian Police Department, Tribal Police Chester McBride III 12/21/15 Federal United States Air Force Office of Special Investigations William Sheldon 3/2/15 Federal United States Department of Justice - Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives Peter Taub 12/21/15 Federal United States Air Force Office of Special Investigations Zacarias Toro, Jr. 6/14/15 Federal United States Department of Justice - United States Marshals Service Adrianna Vorderbruggen 12/21/15 Federal United States Air Force Office of Special Investigations Josie Wells 3/10/15 Federal United States Department of Justice - United States Marshals Service Alex Yazzie 3/19/15 Federal Navajo Division of Public Safety Rosario Hernandez de Hoyos 12/28/15 PR Puerto Rico Police Department Miguel Perez-Rios 9/7/15 PR Puerto Rico Police Department Edwin Roman-Acevedo * 11/26/14 PR San Juan Police Department Frank Roman-Rodriguez 12/28/15 PR Puerto Rico Police Department Elsa Rosa-Ortiz 8/17/15 PR Puerto Rico Police Department Luz Soto-Segarra 12/28/15 PR Puerto Rico Police Department ...


... The Associates of LEOTTA wish to pay tribute to the men and women of law enforcement who make our communities safe and for those who have served and paid the ultimate sacrifice. We ask that your thoughts be with the families of those officers who have given their lives as we observe this Peace Officer Memorial Week ... CT-305 Communications Training Officer - Basic CTO: Hosted by Reynoldsburg Police Department (Columbus), OH - June 20-23, 2016 ...



Graziosi v. Greenville (775 F. 3d 731 - Court of Appeals, 5th Circuit, 2015) -

Police Officer’s Facebook Post Criticizing Her Boss Isn’t Protected Speech

Graziosi was a Sergeant of the Greenville, MS Police Department.  She alleges she was wrongfully discharged due to comments she posted to the Facebook page of the city mayor's campaign election page.   The former sergeant questioned the mayor's judgement in not allowing officers to attend the funeral of a fellow police officer in a near-by town due to the expenditure of police resources to attend the funeral.  Additionally, the sergeant published additional comments on the public social media page which challenged the leadership of the mayor and such comments were supported by personal opinions of the former sergeant.  The City of Greenville had been terminated for violating multiple policies and procedures of the police department in reference to her comments made upon the Mayor's Facebook page.  The court ruled that the termination was valid due to her comments against the mayor and, later the police chief, were not  a matter of public concern and that her interest in the speech did not outweigh the government employer’s interest in workplace efficiency. The court focused on this element and stated that the key distinction is whether she was speaking as a citizen or as an employee. The court concluded her posts were more relevant to “her own frustration” and were not intended to expose any wrongdoing or unlawful conduct.  She argued that the public is obviously interested in how public funds are spent or not spent, but the court stated that her argument was overly-broad and without merit - supporting the city's argument that the former sergeant's comments were disruptive and interfered with the efficiency of the police department.

Please note that public employers have wide leeway to fire employees in these circumstances, and the employer does not have to show much to make the case that the speech was “disruptive” or “interfered with efficiency”.