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Our Mission:To provide interactive, technology-based training and consultation to the public safety industry for responsible application of contemporary legal process.


Wiretapping: The Illinois Supreme Court recently declared unconstitutional a state law criminalizing the recording of conversations without the consent of all parties.  However, significant risks remain for companies and individuals in Illinois who secretly record conversations.  People v. Clark 2014 IL 1097190


U.S. Supreme Court Rules Warrant Required for Cell Phone Search: In a sweeping opinion, Chief Justice John Roberts resoundingly rejected arguments that searches of digital devices for information are comparable to searches law enforcement officers often conduct for contraband after making an arrest. The chief justice went even further, arguing that the privacy concerns at stake in the search of a phone are even more acute than those involved in the search of a home — the place traditionally considered most sacrosanct under American law.

See Article: Supreme Court Rules Warrant Required for Cell Phone Search

National Labor Rel. Board

Social Media Employment Law: The OGC reviewed a company social medial policy which required employees to post a specific disclaimer that they were sharing their own views and not the views of the company if they identified themselves as company employees on any website or blog.The OGC found this provision to be lawful. It explained that posting this disclaimer would not be burdensome for employees to implement or infringe on their Section 7 right to discuss working conditions.  NLRB Advice Memorandums


Miranda-Investigative Detention: In weapons offense conviction, denial of motion to suppress statements was not error where Miranda warning was not required because defendant volunteered statements on his own, rather than answering question.  State v. Blanks - 2014-Ohio-1658

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Legal updates affecting law enforcement technology and enforcement issues (UPDATED December 7, 2014):

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At LEOTTA, LLC. it is our goal to ensure law enforcement and those who support law enforcement receive the best training in technological applications which assist agencies combat criminal activity.  Several modern technologies have been exploited by criminal enterprises to provide advantages in deception, reduce exposure to the identification of those committing such crimes, and, prey upon society's reliance upon modern technological conveniences to engage in conventional criminal activity such as theft, deception, and espionage.

It is also our goal to ensure law enforcement personnel and their agencies employ sound tactics and procedures to provide a secure network which is protected from hacking, data loss, and integrity compromises.  LEOTTA, LLC. provides expert consultation and training to law enforcement, insurance, and loss prevention agencies to assist with the stringent compliance of the FBI Criminal Justice Information System (CJIS) standards.

... Current Trends and Challenges to the Use of Social Media in Criminal Cases - Webinar - July 23, 2015 ... Several fall course offerings to be announced soon ...

LEOTTA CJIS professionals assist your agency with securing your data.

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LEOTTA and geofeedia to host free webinar: current trends in using social media content as evidence 
July 23rd webinar will focus on the challenges of utilizing social media content as evidence in criminal cases


                                                                CLEVELAND, OH:  WV:TTA                                                 LEOTTA instructor Jack M. Hall will present multiple                                                  an informative webinar on Thursday, July 23rd                                                                 at 2:00 EST with Geofeedia - the premier

                                                                location-based social media analytical tool.

                                                                This webinar will focus upon the challenges

                                                                faced by law enforcement when attempting to

                                                                tender evidence exhibits in a criminal court

                                                                which include social media data. 

                                                                More often, such exhibits are subject to legal

                                                                challenges by criminal defendants as they attempt to prevent damning documentation of their criminal exploits to be used against them in court. 

This webinar will provide an interactive forum for officers and investigators around the country who regularly utilize location-based social media analytical tools such as Geofeedia and assist them in successfully using the data they have gathered against criminal defendants.

Jack Hall has taught countless police officers, investigators, and intelligence analysts from around the world in conducting social media investigations and utilizing analytic tools such as Geofeedia.  This webinar is a glimpse into the regular training programs offered by LEOTTA.  Geofeedia and LEOTTA share a strong comittment to the appropriate training, gathering and utilization of social media data in criminal cases.    

To register for this free webinar, please utilize the following registration link:      https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/6990661212050647042?source=website           

Please have your questions ready and and we look forward to seeing you at 2:00 EST on Thursday, July 23rd.