Through the use of smart-phone technology,
court supervisors can have direct
communication (text, instant message, and
phone) with their clients.  Court-ordered
hearings, drug
testing, and

visits can be
through the
application –
and increasing accountability.

Built-in GPS technology allows court
supervisors, probation, and court officers the
ability to track their clients and ensure
monitoring devices have not been tampered

The “Probation Assist” application also allows
for the utilization of bar code location
placeholders which provides an inexpensive
and convenient way for
clients to “check-in” to
common court-supervised
locations such as
employment locations,

therapy sessions, and
drug testing locations.  Scanning such bar code placeholder provides the court with a time-stamped log which is confirmed via GPS to ensure clients are conforming with specific
demands of the court's orders.

“Probation Assist” - Utilize common technology to better track, supervise, and enforce specialize court programs!

Courts are under increasing pressure to
increase the effectiveness of specialized
programs such as drug courts while lowering
the cost of such programs.  Court-supervised
programs which attempt to monitor the progress
of mandatory rehabilitation programs are
overwhelmed when ensuring compliance with
program stipulations.

“Probation Assist” by LEOTTA, LLC. increases
the effectiveness of such programs by allowing
courts to utilize common smart-phone
technology to obtain critical information from
supervised clients in near real-time.

                                                            For example,          


                                                            appropriate and


                                                           administration of

                                                           court-mandated prescriptions such as Suboxone can be easily monitored through the Probation Assist client smart phone application.  As a secure and simple application, clients use their own smart phones or phones which are issued by the court to monitor and record the administration of their prescription.

Users simply log into the
app with a secure
Personal Identification
Number issued by their
probation officer and
scan the pharmaceutical
bar code imprinted on
the prescription label.  Additionally,
photographic or video evidence can be captured from the phone to record the ingestion of the prescription medication.  All data is recorded and immediately provided to thesupervising court officer through a convenient, secure, and FBI CJIS-compliant web browser application.

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