Interested in your agency hosting a LEOTTA class?

Contact us at (216) 503-1113 or

Host Agency Benefits:

Host agencies receive one free tuition credit for each 10 registered students. Host agencies also receive all instruction materials, laboratory materials, and field/tool kits for each student receiving a free tuition credit. Advertising of the hosted class is provided by LEOTTA, LLC, including electronic links on LEOTTA, LLC's website and social media sites. For certified classes issuing Continuing Professional Training (CPT) credits and/or Continuing Legal Education (CLE) credits, LEOTTA, LLC will seek compliance with the applicable state or government accreditation agency. Please allow a minimum of 3 weeks for securing such accreditation.

Minimum Enrollment:

Although LEOTTA, LLC is responsible for marketing and advertising all classes, scheduled classes may face cancellation if the following minimum enrollment requirements are not met:

1. For class locations within 50 miles of Cleveland, Ohio (not including Canada), agency-only training is permitted to be hosted outside the Middleburg Heights training centers.  A minimum of 15 paid registrations is required to hold the course and full payment for registrations are due prior to course hosting.  The host agency receive one tuition credit.  Additional tuition credits are available for each 10 registered students above the first 10.

Agencies wishing to host a LEOTTA course which will be open to registrants outside the host agency will also be required to pay the first 15 course registrations in full prior to the course date.  A minimum of 20 registered students are required to host the class.  The host agency receive one tuition credit.  Additional tuition credits are available for each 10 registered students above the first 10.

2. For class locations within 51 - 225 miles of Cleveland, Ohio (not including Canada), 20 registered students are required.

3. For class locations within the continental United States and over 225 miles from Cleveland, Ohio – including the Canadian provinces of Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia – 30 registered students are required.

4. For additional locations not referenced above, please contact LEOTTA, LLC directly.

Standard Hosting Requirements:

Agencies seeking to host a LEOTTA, LLC class should ensure that the following requirements can be met:

1. Training spaces must be in full compliance with all local building codes, fire codes, and the Americans with Disabilities Act.

2. Training spaces must be free of asbestos, lead, mold, and any other environmental hazards.

3. Adequate parking must be provided to accommodate all registered students and instruction staff.

Special Hosting Requirements for Social Networking Courses:

Agencies seeking to host a Social Networking (SN) series course should ensure that the following requirements can be met:

1. The SN series of courses are multimedia intensive presentations that utilize two projection systems. Two projection screens minimally sized 6' wide by 4' high, or clean, white wall space meeting the same minimum dimensions, are required.

2. Electric distribution and/or power strips must be provided to accommodate all registered students' computer equipment, as well as power accommodations for instruction staff equipment.

3. Broadband 802.11 b/g/n network access must be available for accommodating multiple wireless access requests from student computers for internet access. If 802.11 b/g/n network access is unavailable, the host agency must provide broadband CAT5/5e/6 ethernet access to the instructor's wireless router for hosting student access to the internet. All internet access must be unrestricted.

Special Hosting Requirements for IT-301:

Agencies seeking to host Basic Electrical Technology for Law Enforcement should ensure that the following requirements can be met:

1. Workstation table space must be provided to accommodate two students at each workstation.

2. A total of 11 workstations (for 11 students) must be available for this course.

3. Each workstation must be equipped with a 110/120 volt multiple-outlet power strip.

4. A classroom diagram describing square footage, workstation configuration, and electrical power sources must be provided to the instructor prior to course scheduling.


LEOTTA, LLC. will advertise each course upon our website,, and various other venues and portals.  However, each hosting agency is requested to post a training teletype via their state or regional criminal justice information system (CJIS).  Sample teletype messages are provided to the host agency at the time of course posting.  Pursuant to NCIC and most CJIS rules, a law enforcement agency cannot advertise LEOTTA, LLC. within the teletype description sent via the NCIC or CJIS teletype system.  Thus, interested parties who contact the host agency based upon the information provided in the teletype should be directed to the LEOTTA website for registration.

Individuals or agencies wishing to register for any LEOTTA course should be directed to (not .com) and select the "Rapid Registration" or "Course Catalog" tabs at the top of the web page.  Under the Course Catalog page, users will find the course identification number/description of the course the agency is hosting.  The user shall select the appropriate course link and use the "Registration by Check / P.O." button or the "Registration by Credit Card" button at the bottom of the page to finalize registration.

Individuals or agencies may also be directed to contact the LEOTTA business office directly at 216-503-1113 or send email correspondence to

Host agencies should utilize the same web portal and registration process for their own personnel who are attending LEOTTA courses sponsored by their agency.  Host agencies will not be invoiced by LEOTTA, LLC. until the completion of the course.  The agency will only be invoiced for the number of students in excess of the free tuition credits described above.  However, students will receive electronic confirmation of their registration via email.