This class was way more than I expected. Great class on spice and bath salts.

Sergeant - Mansfield, OH area police agency

Great job on presenting appropriate criminal charging techniques for violations of drug laws.

Detective - Cincinnati, OH area police agency

This course will increase student awareness in the rapidly changing field of synthetic street drugs: commonly known as Spice, Bath Salts, K2, Cloud 9, Mojo (synthetic cannabinoids), Flakka (alpha PVP),  and fentanyl.   As new synthetic drugs and trends surge upon the scene, law enforcement, emergency medical personnel and prosecuting attorneys require the most contemporary training in the identification, chemical analysis, and prosecution of offenders who manufacture, distribute, and abuse such substances.

The abuse of synthetic drugs has been linked to violent crimes, medical emergencies, and deaths across the United States and around the world.  These dangerous and commercially available designer drugs pose unique challenges to law enforcement and the medical community as manufacturers manipulate chemical equations and formulas to avoid prosecution under common drug laws and pharmacological changes create changing physical and psychological dependencies in users which are not common to traditional substance abuse diagnosis. 

Covered Topics Include:

  • The history and pharmacology of the synthetic cannabinoids and other street drugs;
  • Recognizing the effects and dangers of abuse and overdose;
  • Drug identification, including visual cues, presumptive field testing, and laboratory analysis;
  • Applicable state drug laws, including a detailed analysis of the recently enacted federal "controlled substance analog" statute;
  • Effective techniques for investigating and prosecuting possession, manufacturing, trafficking, and OVI/DUI offenses.

Who Should Attend?

This course is for law enforcement officers -including probation, parole, and court officers; emergency medical technicians, emergency room medical staff, and prosecuting attorneys.





Dates to be announced soon.


One (1) day -

7contact hours:

8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.


Don Sylvis


Spice, Bath Salts, & Synthetic Drug Awareness

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